creating good habits


Creating good habits can be hard.

What’s easy is getting stuck in a rut.

You know what I mean… doing the same things every day, eating the same things every day, thinking the same things every day, saying the same things every day…

Especially if those are bad habits.

But, for most of us, there comes a time in life when we really need to reevaluate what we’re doing and look at the areas we need to change.

Maybe you need to lose weight like I do.

Maybe you need to make more money, like thousands of others who are living paycheck to paycheck every week.

Maybe you need to change your diet and exercise routine because your health has been steadily declining.

There are so many ways that we can improve our lives.

I’m sure as you’re reading this at least one of them has come to mind.

Perhaps what popped into your mind was an area you’ve already attempted to change, but failed.

I understand!

I’ve attempted to create good habits in several areas of my life and failed repeatedly on many occasions.

It’s frustrating! I know!

But, I’ve come to discover over the years that there is a simple, three-step system to creating new habits that make it easier to follow up on the changes we want to make and create lasting good habits.

Keep reading to learn how.

What Are The Steps To Creating Good Habits?

Choose The New Habit You Want To Create! This may seem like an obvious first step, but for people like me, who want to change several things about their lives, it can prove to be challenging.

The problem is since we want to focus on so many changes at once, we overwhelm ourselves and that leads to frustration and then ultimately, failure.

Instead of making a grocery list of areas you want to change all at once, focus on one or two at a time!

Once you’ve decided, write it down and make a commitment to yourself that you WILL succeed this time.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” Greg Rei

Be as specific as you can with your goal. Don’t just say “I need to lose weight.” Write down “I will lose 10 pounds by Christmas!.”

Deciding what your new good habit will be and then committing to it on paper is half the battle!

For me, I chose losing weight and increasing my income. Then I was lucky enough to find a way to do both with my new business.

If either of those is the good habit you would like to start with, let me know! We can work on them together!

Remind Yourself Of Your Why Every Day! For the first few days, working towards a new, good habit is pretty easy.

You’re on fire and motivated!

Nothing can stop you!

Until a few days or weeks have passed and you find yourself slipping back into old habits.

There you are going along beautifully, making progress, and then something happens where it becomes easy to make an excuse to not work towards your goal for a day.

And that day becomes two days, then a week….

Oh, how I’ve been there! Haven’t you?

It’s important to remind yourself EVERY DAY exactly why you have chosen the good habits you are working to create.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture!

You might be working on improving your health. But, why?

Is it to be able to stay with your family longer? Enjoy life more? Walk around Disney and ride on all the rides with your kids?

I can’t say it enough: Remind yourself Every Day Of WHY you are working so hard to create good habits.

Plan Your New, Good Habit Into Your Daily Routine! Let’s say that you’ve decided to start exercising for 30 minutes a day / 5 days a week.

Now, normally, your daily schedule doesn’t include this and you’re pretty used to THAT schedule, right?

So, where do you plan on fitting in this new, good habit?

Make sure that you plan it out and decide when and where this activity is going to take place.

Then – set a reminder on your phone, block it off on your calendar, and do it!

I’ve had to do this with my water intake.

For days I can get my recommended water down with no problem.

Then, a day comes along where I just don’t feel like drinking water.

And, without my alarms, I wouldn’t. Because I don’t feel like it and it’s not on my mind.

The alarms help me to remember what I should be doing and keep me on track.

I also have one for logging my macros every day, just in case I forget.

Trust me, the alarm trick does wonders.

Eventually, doing whatever it is you’ve chosen to be your new, good habit will come naturally.

But, until then, while you’re working to create this habit, you will need to be reminded.

Are You Ready To Start Creating Good Habits?

Now that I’ve laid out the three steps I’ve discovered to create new habits easier even if you’ve failed in the past…

Are you ready to get started?

Don’t procrastinate.

There’s no reason to wait until a new week or a new month or a new year!

Every day is a new day, a new beginning!

One in which you can choose to start living the life you love.

I’d love to hear what good habits you are working on!

Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on!

If getting healthier is the new, good habit you’re working on, I’d love to invite you to join my new Facebook Group: Healthy Weight Loss, Recipes & More!

creating good habits


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