CarrieAMedfordI became an entrepreneur out of necessity.

As a single mother to five children, I struggled to make ends meet even though I worked four jobs at once in order to support my family.

I never turned down a job…

I even delivered newspapers every morning from 2:00 am – 5:00 am, driving on roads that even the snow plows wouldn’t attempt to go down.

That was actually pretty fun but ended up costing me a pretty penny in car repairs.

But, I missed my kids.

And the more I worked, the more of my money went to babysitters.

I was paying other people to raise my children and I wasn’t really happy with the way that was going.

Then, I invested in a computer.

Actually, I rented it.

But, it did the trick.

I soon learned that earning an income online was possible and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

I began by creating signature images (then called ‘tags’) and moved on to email management, content writing, social media and eventually, direct sales.

I learned the skills I needed as I went along and eventually replaced all four jobs with the services I am able to provide as a virtual assistant and with the income I make from affiliate marketing and direct sales..

Because of my experiences and background, I particularly enjoy working with other work from home parents and mompreneurs, though I have the ability to provide exceptional time-saving and business-building services for companies of any genre.

For more information about the types of services I offer, please visit: www.MomBlogContent.com

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