home-based travel agent

Become A Home-Based Travel Agent

Do you love to travel?

Wish you had more time to travel?

Would you like a career that allows you to learn about amazing destinations, enjoy new experiences and help people make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime?

Are you interested in getting paid to take your own vacations?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you might want to consider becoming a home-based travel agent.

Watch the video below for an in-depth explanation about this amazing opportunity.

Best of all, you can save over 50% when you start your home-based travel business today!

home-based travel agent

Still have questions? Check out the testimonials and tax benefits of owning your own home-based travel business here.

Why I Became A Home-Based Travel Agent

I have always enjoyed traveling.

As a child, I would spend summers with my grandparents. They always had at least one big trip planned and we’d pack up the camper and set out for a new destination every year.

We went to Disney in Florida, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Myrtle Beach and South of the Border in South Carolina, Hershey Park and Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania, and many others.

As an adult, I’ve moved several times and visited many places in New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Mexico.

But, the idea of becoming a home-based travel agent never occurred to me until I met someone who was posting about all her trips and cruises on Facebook.

For some reason, I had it in my head that I would have to go to school for this type of career. I never realized until speaking to her that I could be licensed and bonded through a travel agency – in this case, Archer Travel.

And with all the training I need to succeed provided for me through the company and our humongous list of vendors, the potential for earnings is virtually limitless.

Watch the video below to view our optional bonus referral program and learn how to have a free business, take part in our scholarship program and qualify for your Evo Shares!

Becoming a home-based travel agent has allowed me to build a business based on what I’m most passionate about – living a life that is free from the restrictions of a traditional 9-5, having time for my family, and enjoying this beautiful world that we live in.

So, let me ask you this…

Why aren’t YOU a travel agent?

Seriously, being a home-based travel agent is hands down one of the most fun and rewarding careers you could choose if you enjoy learning about and visiting amazing destinations.

Are you ready?

home-based travel agent
home-based travel agent