Dawn Dish Soap Hacks

9 Dawn Dish Soap Hacks

Dawn Dish Soap Hacks You’ll Love

I don’t know about you, but I really like when a single product can be used for multiple problems around the house. Who wants to spend money on 10 different products for individual uses when one can do the trick? Dawn Dish Soap is one of those products. It’s kind of like the pocket knife of household cleaners. Today, we’ll go over some Dawn Dish Soap Hacks that you can start putting to use today!

We use if for doing dishes, that’s a given. But we also use it for giving the dogs their baths. It’s great for killing fleas and it’s the first thing I use on any rescue animals we come across to give them some relief.

Zena here was covered in fleas when we found her starving in a convenience store parking lot. I knew in her weakened state that she couldn’t be exposed to any harsh chemicals, so Dawn Dish Soap came to the rescue.

dawn dish soap hacks for fleas

With some tender loving care, and a nice bath under her belt, she’s now ready for a forever family of her own! Just look at that smile!

dawn dish soap hacks for fleas

Dawn Dish Soap is also good for getting sticky messes out of your kids’ hair. I don’t know what my kids are thinking half the time when they do what they do, but every one of them has ended up with gum in their hair.

Before I learned the dawn dish soap hack, I was hacking the poor kid’s hair off to get the gum out. Later on, like with the last two out of five, I learned that if you just rub a little Dawn Dish Soap onto the sticky stuff, you can gently work it out with your fingers or a comb.

A little old lady in my old neighborhood taught me this next Dawn Dish Soap Hack. She had this amazing yard, full of beautiful flowers and never a weed in sight! I, however, was getting frustrated pulling weeds in the blazing heat of Florida summer and ready to let the darn things take over.

I saw her outside with a spray bottle one afternoon, spraying between her plants, so I asked her what she was using. She told me that she mixed up her own little potion of a half-gallon of cleaning vinegar, ½ cup of salt, and a half-teaspoon of Dawn Dish Soap. She told me she would spray it on the offending weed as soon as she saw it to keep them at bay, but if I used her recipe to make sure I didn’t put any on the plants I wanted to live.

dawn dish soap hacks

So, yeah… You can use Dawn Dish Soap to make your own DIY Weed Killer. However, if you’ve got a LOT of stubborn weeds, you may want to invest in something a bit stronger. Once they are gone, you should be able to keep up with the new growth quite easily with the Dawn Dish Soap mixture above.

You can also use a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap in a spray bottle full of water to mist your houseplants’ leaves. This will help to keep bugs away.  That’s number 4 in this list of Dawn Dish Soap Hacks, now on to #5…

Speaking of bugs… ants don’t seem to be a very big fan of Dawn Dish Soap either. If you ever have a problem with them, just mix a few drops into a spray bottle of water and spray every ant you see where they don’t belong. You can also mist your countertops and then wipe them down just enough to leave a slight film if you see them on your counters. Also, spray anywhere you know the ants are traveling through your house. It’s safe for pets and kids, so no worries there.

I wish I knew this next Dawn Dish Soap Hack back in the 80’s when I was going through a huge can of Aqua Net every week!

As I learned way back then, hair products can really build up in your hair over time, even with regular washing. But, did you know that you can shampoo with Dawn Dish Soap once a month or so to remove all that hair product residue? I don’t know why I never thought of using it on myself like that before, I mean, we use it on animals all the time!

Another Dawn Dish Soap Hack I only recently learned about is that you can use it to unclog toilets. Who knew? Just pour a cup of Dawn into that bad boy and let it sit for around 20 minutes. Then, pour a bucket full of hot water down the toilet, making sure you pour it from your waist height. Most of the time, that will do the trick.

Another great thing you can do with Dawn Dish Soap is clean your outdoor furniture. You know how after a while your plastic outside furniture gets that nasty look? Just spray it with a combination of Dawn and warm water, scrub them down and rinse them off with the hose. Good as new!  

One last in this list of Dawn Dish Soap Hacks for you…

You can use a drop of Dawn on a squeaky door or the track of a sliding door to get them working smoothly and quietly again. I actually just did this to my bedroom door because the kids like to sneak in to use my bathroom when I’m sleeping. But, they would wake me (and the dogs) up every time they opened it. Now, they can creep around as much as they want and I can sleep in peace, lol.

This is not the entire list of things you can do with Dawn Dish Soap, but you see what I mean. One product, many uses! Gotta love that!

Have you found a Dawn Dish Soap Hack that I haven’t mentioned in this post? I’d love to hear it! Let me know in the comments!

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